Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021


This trip took a place between the eleventh jully and the second of august. With my bike and my luggages, weighing around ten kilos, allocated essentially in my saddlebags, I cycled exactly eleven days and covered 2000 kilometers. Thanks to good quality material and a good physical training,I was able to cover as much as three hundred kilometers a day without any mechanical problems, not even a puncture. During this sunny trip,I wore only one and same t-shirt and short, which I washed each night. However, when I got to Vienna in Austria and Baia Mare in Romania, I had to use my raincoat due to violents mountains storms. I slept in hotels, youth hostels, boarding school for musician transformed into dormitory for traveler in Budapest,stayed with the locals on my road or with my host family when I arrived to my final destination in Romania. I travelled back to Belgium with a mini-bus driven by leaders of my local youth movement ("le Patro de Charneux") to who I'm so grateful. My bike was spread behind the mini-bus.To do this trip, I got excellent informations from :

  • the german association adfc-dachgeber who bring together a lot of host people
  • the international association hospitalityclub which whom I was the first member of my city ("Liège")
  • l'Hostelling International to find youth hostels
  • the "Guide du Routard" for Hungary and Romania. I found, in particular, information on markets, on thermal baths and on places there to be seen. Especially in Budapest, the impregnable point of view in the evening since the top of the hill of Buda that we join grace on one hand in subways situated in several underground meters and which are the oldest of Europe and on the other hand in the bus n°21 until the terminus. We can come down again at the bottom of the city by measuring the narrow alleys where distinguish themselves delicious baroque houses painted of lively colors, and where life is enjoyable
  • blog site similar as mine and forum of journey

You will find on this site the narrative of this journey by going through my travel diary and my photo album.