Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Details of the journey which took place between 16th to 31st Mars 2020 from Belgium to Budapest with my dog and only a tent as a sleep place due to the corona virus.

A long bike ride across the borders with a wind from East and North through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Hungary to end in Budapest. 

Below, you'll find the daily steps.

Day 1 - 16 mars

Departure from La Louvière in Belgium and cross the Belgium, partly with train, to arrive to the Campsite of Neufchateau and have my first night under the stars. 

Day 2  - 17 mars

Neufchateau (B) - Montenach (F) : 

Road in the Luxembourg. Crossing the border at Messancy. 

Crossing the french border at Contz les Bains.

Sleeping in a hunter house

Day 3 - 18 mars

Montenach (F) - Homburg (D) : 

Crossing border at Schwerdorf. 

Beautifull road between Saarbrucken and Homburg. 

Accomodation at the Youth Hostelling of Homburg. 

Day 4 - 19 mars

Homburg (D) - Kaempfelbach (D) 

Crossing of the Pfalz Land, crossing of then Rhein at Karlsruhe. 

Hostel without reception at Kaempfelbach. 

Day 5 - 20 mars

Kæmpfelbach - Schwabisch Gemund 

A long the Enz river

Sleeping in a hunter house

 Day 6 - 21 mars

Schwabisch Gemund – Dillingen 

Difficult day with hard climb, cold and snowly weather. 

Sleeping in my tent which was settled in a container in a industrial zone. 

Day 7 - 22 mars

Dillingen - Landshut 

Hilly road at the Sud of the  Danube until Moosburg an der Isar, then flat road a long the Isar River.

Sleeping under my tent which was settled close to my friend Monika who received me with a warm welcome and approvisionned me with a nice diner. 

Day 8 - 23 mars

Landshut - Vilshofen 

Road a long the Isar River, then at the end of the mountain, slop down to the large valley of the Danube River. 

Sleeping under tent at the empty Campsite of Vilshofen. 

Day 9 - 24 mars

Vilshofen - Passau (A) 

Due to the closing of the bike road a long the Danube River, climbing from Obernzell to a small village where live my friend at the Zinöcher Höllmüll.

Sleeping under tent with minus 8C

Day 10 - 25 mars 

Passau-Au an der Donau 

After crossing the bordser at the other side of the forest, slope down to the Danube River to take again the bike road until  Au an der Donau 

Sleeping under tent at the empty Campsite of Au an der Donau. 

Day 11 - 26 mars

Au an der Donau- Ober Grafendorf 

After Ybbs, hilly road.

Sleeping under tent close to a small river and approvisionnement of food and battery at the petrol station. 

Day 12 - 27 mars

Ober Grafendorf - Neunkirchen 

Cycling road between Wiener NeuStadt and Neukirchen and also a long the valley. 

Sleeping under tent which was settled on a small caban for the farmer to see his cows. 

Day 13 - 28 mars

Neunkirchen- Rönök (HU) 

After the valley came the hill. Euro9 road to the top at Mönichkirchen.

Crossing the hungarian border at Inzenhof. 

Accomodation in a straw house at my friends Wouter and Leen and their son, Emile. 

Day 14 - 29 mars

Rönök - Keszthely 

Nice cycling road a long the train line to arrive at Zalaegerszeg. Nice view point of Zalaegerszeg after culminate a hill, then national road without traffic. 

Sleeping under tent in a disused house in a cold and windy night. 

Day 15 - 30 mars

Keszthely - Székesfehérvár 

Road a long the Balaton until Balatonkenese, then same itinerary than 2019.

Sleeping under tent near to a farm, a long a small river at the entrance of Székesfehérvár. 

Day 16- 31 mars

Székesfehérvár - Budapest : 

Road in the Hungarian plain then followed by the long and new road which starts with a splendid street of very old "platane" tree, a golf course and then this long and wide new road with little traffic from Alscùtdoboz to Etyek

Arrival in my flat of Budapest.