Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Mosonmagyarovar - Komárom

After staying in a camping-hotel (kis duna), mainly reserved by French, Dutch or Belgian drivers who stop there before continuing further east, I leave with my bike along secondary roads and I cross little burgs that lead me to Györ. I get off of my bike to cross a market and then continue walking in the pedestrian streets of this city. I go back on my bike once on the other side of the city and I take a bike path not too damaged which houses a national road. I arrive at Komarom around 13h and stop at a camping motel where there are many Dutch, German and even Belgian. When I want to book a motel room, I realize that I forgot my ID at the campsite this morning. Fortunately I do not have to turn around because the Charneux mini-bus, which left Belgium a week after me, goes through this campsite and can therefore recover my identity card. I take advantage of the outdoor facilities of the motel to go for a swim in the pool and then rest in the thermal baths. It is very pleasant and very relaxing by these hot weather. Many older Hungarians come to chat and relax. I get to bed early and from my room I hear Dutch and German music from the motel's marquee.