Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Lille to Budapest, 13rd until 31st July 2019

Presentation of the raid
On the road again
Route along the Altmühl
The barge
Crossing of the Danube in Austria

Komárom - Budapest

It's 7.30 am , I'm on the main road of Komarom and here comes the Charneux mini-bus. I get my identity card, a new tire and some extra clothes. Then I decide to take the bridge Komarom overlooking the Duna and continue my way on the left bank of the river. I will not go to Komarno (Komarom in Slovak) because customs-soldiers will refuse me the passage, my identity card of Belgian citizen not being recognized by their country. I leave then on the right bank of the river-border and once arrived at Esztergom, I make a stop to visit its cathedral. I take the road for Visegrad after dissipation of the high temperatures of noon and it will be beautiful wooded mountains and campings that will be the setting for this afternoon. I meet a lot of Dutch, German and Belgian cars and I discover that the companies Holcim and Lafarge have facilities there. In the second half of the afternoon, the traffic is more dense because iwe are on sunday and a lot of Hungarians return to Budapest after being bathed in the Duna. Arrived on the outskirts of Budapest, I would do another fifteen kilometers on a degraded road before arriving at the center of the city. On a fast and dangerous lane I drive fast enough to leave this traffic as soon as possible but the road is really bad and one of my saddlebags fall off my luggage rack. Then, I drive on a well-equipped cycle track and I am the route headed for the Lanchid bridge. From afar I see the imposing Parliament building, orange-colored by the sun that slowly begins to set. I then cross the bridge Lanchid accessible that day only to pedestrians and cyclists. I finally arrive at a boarding school of a music school transformed during summer breaks into dormitories for young travelers. In the bedroom, there arecc2 x 2 bunk beds. I first sympathize with a french from Paris then I would meet a North Korean, an American from Pennsylvania, a Swedish, and a Mexican who will give me a nice paint with a lot of color from his country.