Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Merzalben - Schwabisch Hall

Having had lunch at 8:00 am and having forgotten my alarm clock in the inn, I start the day on roads with not important difficulty to overcome and a lot of wood to be crossed. Then come very beautiful villages as Albersweiler, Siebel, where vineyards are very attractive. Then, I cycle towards Speyer to find a main road. To Speyer I'm stopped by a procession of carnival where a waitress bring me a beer which I savour on my bike accompanied by a cyclist that I meet some kilometers before. Unfortunately, I hadn't enough time to look the procession! When I leave Speyer, I égars me and as the national road is not accessible for bikes, I spend a lot of time and I really have difficulty to find the good way back. Then I follow a group of bike which puts me back on the right way, on a cyclabe runways fitted out well for the family walks. Once far of the suburb of Speyer, I leave on a good rhythm but the delay is there and the road is still long. I follows the river Kraichbach then I pass in villages as Guglingen, Brackenheim, Lauffen, Talheim and I arrive at Ilsfeld where the night begins to come. There is a party in the village of Illsfeld. The wine is the principal drink because there are a lot of vineyards which I was able to see. Over there a lady explains me the itinéraire to go to Lowenstein where I take the B39 parralel to the N39 to arrive finally at Schwabisch Hall at about 11:30 pm, to the house of Dieter Albrecht, member of the ADFC-Dachgeber, who was already in Bed. I have a shower bath and after I fall asleep peacefully after more than 250 km and a tiring day, especially over the end where there was ascents by arriving at Lowenstein. During this Sunday, I met a lot of swimmers taking advantage of a sunny weather to have a bath in the lakes.