Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Gunzenhausen - Landshut

I start in following the Altmuhl until Eichstatt. The road is pleasant and I meet some canoes. Then, I drive until Ingolstadt. In the entry of the city, I use a map of a shelter of bus to cross the city. On this map there were several stops only for the factory Audi. I see for the first time the Danube and having crossed the city, I stop a moment in a place little away from the road for a halt. There was a lake where a young cook took advantage of its free time to cool given due to the strong heat which reigned this day there. Together we determine the way which I have to follow and once restarted, I pass by Geisenfeld where is a camps of serviceman then Mainburg, Volkenschwand, Furth to arrive at Landshut. In the last kilometers, the road rises but gradually and with the wind behind, I have wings which pushes me in the back. The landscape is different and houses have looks like chalets of mountain. I arrive at 4:30 pm to Claudia Berner, member of the ADFC-Dachgeber, a little in advance and I take advantage of it to make the maintenance and the thorough clean-up of my bike. In the evening, I visit Landshut and I discover very wide pedestrian roads in the center of city and a lot of terraces with many people. I am finally going to have supper in a coffee which Claudia recommended me. She will come to find me over there later and we shall spend the evening to be discussed and she will tell me her journeys in Uganda.