Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Landshut - Passau

This morning, Claudia takes her time to explain me the road to be followed to go towards Passau and having lunch, I set off at about 11 am. I drive in the direction of Frontenhausen. On the path, a hind goes out suddenly of the border off the road, comes nearly of me and runs away then in the country on the other side of the road. I had no reflex to use my camera. Then, I drive to be well off and, except for a small difficulty to 8 %, everything seems really easy. Having followed the river "Vils", I have a break in a small village, approximately at 14 hours, to get fresh supplies. In the same place and in the sun, it was very hot! I pass then by Vilshofen where I see again the Danube to arrive later on big road which followed this river and which leads directly to Passau. Unfortunately, this road is dangerous and I decide then to follow a small path for bikes. But I must to turn back because this path was more adapted for mountain bikes. I arrive at Passau at 6 pm and I get ready to reserve a night in the hotel " RO INN " when the receptionist tells me that, for a single bike, it costs 25 euros per night without any breakfast. With my bike, I drive away me of the city and I find finally a very attractive and very comfortable pension to Rittsteig with many English tourists and for only 3 euros more. In the evening I walk in Passau. It is very nice, there are boats cruises and of very attractive romantic ballads to be made in the evening along the Danube. The city is situated in the tributary of 2 rivers and shape as a small island. I have supper in a cheaper restaurant (+/-12 euros) with a kind of flat sausage taking all the width of the plate and covered with egg.