Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Liège - Etalle

I leave the work one hour earlier and start from Liège at 4:30 pm to arrive at Etalle at 10:00 pm after 140 km of road. The most difficult part of the road was to arrive at the "Baraque Fraiture" with the "N90" road. On the other hand, the "N4" road from Bastogne is really dangerous because cars go fast. I did the way without any stop. I am exhausted by arriving at the Cécile and Raymond's house. I part from some objects of my bags like a T-shirt, a Swiss army knife, a camera to relieve me. I keep even though my cadenna by precaution. The bike and the saddlebags give me full satisfaction. Raymond shows me his new and big house and prepares me my bed which I join after a good meal of pasta and tomatoes stuffed for the occasion.