Road Cycling, multi stages, in the valleys, from Brussels to Budapest, July 2021

Passau - Vienne

I have lunch at 7 am because the day will be long. I explain to the owner of the pension my ambitions for this day. She is surprised by my plan of the day because the cyclists who come to her house take at least 4 days to connect Passau to Vienna. That said, I start and cross the city of Passau then I ride on the N130 along the Donau and I meet a lot of "Zimmer frei". Then I arrive in Hartkirchen where I stop to refuel before taking the national N131. As I prepare to leave, a group of cyclists pass before my eyes but I will not catch them. I drive to Ottensheim and from there, I take the path that houses the Donau and specially designed for hikers. Arrived in Linz, I decided to cross the city by its center but after being very far, I turned to take the road that houses the Donau. On my way, I discovered important steel mills (Linz Stahl). On this road not accessible to motorists, I manage at first to catch up with some of my delay because they are long straight lines and it is always quite flat. But after the trail is more winding and rather bucolic to finally arrive in front of the Donau with no other option than to cross the river with a small boat specially designed to commute from one shore to another. I arrive at Mauthausen a bit lost, but fortunately for me, I find the morning bike group that stopped at lunch time to eat. As soon as I see them, they start again. This time, I don't would like that they escape me especially that a two tells me that they roll towards Hungary. I would do, with them, nearly 80 km at an average speed of 40 km / h on a fast lane normally prohibited to cyclists but with the assistance truck at the rear of the group, security measures are taken. The lady driving the van will even stop to give me a drink because I have not had the opportunity to refuel. In Ybbs, the whole group stops for a snack (banana, cake, ...) and here our roads separate because they go down to Lake Balaton. Here, I am reassured now because I have a hundred kilometers to go. I drive along the highway towards Melk where there is a large abbey overlooking the city. From Melk, I drive a further ten kilometers along the Donau before turning right to take a mountain road that goes up more than 6 km. I have to use some passages at the lowest speed of my triple plateau. The summit of this coast is located at 585 m altitude. I then go through remote areas of Austria with its woods, its roads under repair, ... and I arrive at Karlstetten where I stop to refuel. After crossing Sankt Polten, I stop again near a cornfield for an urgent need. I then drive on a railway track taken by trains loaded with Romanian trucks (without vignettes). I continue my journey helped by a violent wind that pushes me in the back. Arrived in Vienna, the weather is bad and a mountain storm falls on the city. It is now dark and I have to find the Krainer pension. After stopping at a subway station, I turn around thinking that I am too far away. But the rain begins to fall. I stop at a phone booth to call the hostel and ask for directions, but it's really hard to understand the Austrian, especially in the midst of a cabin storm. After receiving explanations, I return to the metro station and once there, I take my bike with the bus number 151 which leads to the pension. I ask an Austrian who is about to get off the bus if I am at the right stop and, once on the ground, I noticed that the Krainer pension was right in front of the bus stop. I am really happy to arrive after more or less than 300 km of road and in addition, the hotel is very beautiful.